A company-wide work instruction solution for improving productivity and quality while providing full work traceability.

Clear Work Instructions

Use the power of VKS to easily create and share work instructions. Standardize on best processes, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and most importantly, make your customers satisfied.

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Mobile Access

Built with mobility in mind, VKS is cloud-based and fully functional on computers, tablets and smart phones. Operators can now access their work instructions from anywhere on the shop floor or out in the field. Need to change a process? No problem. With full revision control and live update notifications, you can publish a new version directly from the shop floor or your office, and have all current users instantly notified.

Connects with Machines & Tools

Leading the way in adaptive technology, VKS has the ability to connect with your manufacturing equipment for optimal results. Using VKS’s ToolConnect™ technology you can connect your machines and tools to VKS to automatically advance the work instructions to the next step as actions are performed. Do you need a way to guarantee the necessary steps are taken when issues arise? Automatically prompt an operator with a troubleshooting checklist when a tool breaks on your machining center. The possibilities are endless.


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Data Capture

VKS provides 100% traceability on all work activities. Deploy VKS at your organization to begin capturing in-process quality and productivity data to enhance your organization’s performance. Prompt operators to confirm activities, supply required information, track their overall efficiency, and much more.

Live Reports & KPIs

Managers need live information in order to make the best decisions. With VKS you can monitor production through our built-in reporting and KPI features from your Mobile device, Tablet or Desktop. Instant access to the most critical information that you have customized using the VKS Dashboard. Simply type in a production order number, a part number, or an operator name to find a detailed report displaying all data captured during a work session. See interactive KPI charts to easily monitor efficiency and track hours worked. VKS is the leading provider of work instructions integrated with key performance indicators.


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Your data is secure

Use VKS with confidence knowing that your knowledge is safe and secure at all times. Our servers are monitored 24/7 and fully hardened against attacks and intrusions. Furthermore, VKS uses secure HTTPS communications all the time and provides different options for controlling access.

Can’t trust the Web?

Many organizations and industries simply can’t take the risk of transmitting sensitive information over the Internet. For this reason, VKS can also be purchased and installed onto your own servers for ultimate control and privacy.


Industries Served

Manufacturing (incl. OEMs)
Field service


Assembly/process guides
Training manuals
Maintenance & repair manuals
User guides
Inspection & quality checklists
Health & safety guidelines


Improved work quality
Greater efficiency
Defect and waste reduction
A more flexible & mobile workforce
Full traceability & accountability
Just-in-time learning
Increased customer satisfaction
New business attraction
… and more profits!


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