It’s visual, it’s green, it’s paper free

Pictures, videos, schematics, large text, means staff keep hands on the job, not on keyboards or paper instructions.

Rapid turnaround

VKS is designed and tested to meet the demands of today’s rapid changing, competitive work environment and customer needs.

Your designated engineers, designers or supervisors can rewrite instructions and production techniques to our cloud-based service so workers can implement them instantly without costly delays for re-training, shift changes or new staffing. No new software to buy, or code to write. No IT hassles.

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Reduce defects, reduce costs, increase profits

New hires to experienced pros will appreciate the precise guidance offered by VKS. No complex instructions to memorize. Each task is defined, illustrated and can be easily adapted according to client, designer, engineer or worker demands. VKS monitors each step of a process and its electronic checklist capability means nothing is forgotten.

It’s personal

VKS can be tailored for your specific needs, products and processes, and you can choose to use it at one problem area or throughout the assembly process. And you pay by subscription and only for what you use.

We’re here to help!  Our  specialists can advise you on implementation, usage and training.

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VKS works with one user or a group of users from a single task to a complete process. You choose. And you can combine setup instructions with production instructions for each job making each set of instructions complete.


VKS just-in-time learning means your staff learns what they have to learn only when they need to learn it. No time wasted in training.

Advanced features

VKS tracks work time, captures performance, supports custom forms, and can be made to work in sync with manufacturing equipment and cycle through your processes step-by-step.

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VKS delivers

Work instructions
Assembly instructions
Maintenance and repair guides
Health and safety guides
Audit and quality control checklists
Precision monitoring to facilitate budgeting

VKS brings

Cost savings
Improved quality
Higher productivity
Workforce flexibility & mobility
Faster training
Happy repeat customers
More profits